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WHO ARE – Nano Chem



شركة نانوكيم شركه متخصصه في مجال الزراعه وخصوصا في مجال استيراد الاسمده والمخصبات الزراعيه ومجال استيراد خامات المصانع وتجارة المبيدات الزاعيه والتعامل مع كبري الشرات والتوكيلات المحليه والعالميه مثل سنجنتا , باير ,توبيوسين , .... الخ )

Company founder: Engineer / Hani Al-Tawil, is the founder of the NanoChem company. He started work in the field of fertilizers, pesticides and fertilizers in 2009 in partnership with Al-Manar for agricultural production requirements. He developed the work in Al-Manar Company in dealing with agricultural agencies for major international companies and international factories such as the Jordanian Elite Factory. Major agents and distributors, and he did so in 2013 to develop the business to import from abroad and Ali Ali major agencies for major international companies such as JC HUMATE Then he started an activity in the NanoChem company starting from its establishment 1/1/2020.


  • We are constantly developing our processes and services to meet the requirements of our various global clients. Our mission is to sell fertilizers and pesticides of high quality and appropriate price to all groups of people and we seek to develop agriculture in our beloved Egypt.


  • To comply with European standards and regulations for quality assurance in terms of product specifications, packaging, pesticide management and product traceability.
  • In order to do our best to fully satisfy our customers with our supplied products and services and consider the future of our business to work as a major partner for excellence in the distribution of high quality fertilizers and pesticides.

Nanochem idea: this name was chosen based on modern natural nanotechnology compounds that serve the agricultural field in Egypt and all countries at the lowest possible costs and with the best results and without any toxicity or harm to humans and accordingly it was very keen to reach compounds that serve the agricultural field in our beloved Egypt and increase the Agricultural areas and increasing the productivity of strategic crops that serve our economy.


Our main focus is to provide our customers with the best quality pesticides and fertilizers at very competitive prices throughout the year.


To supply our customers all over the world with the highest quality products that meets the European standards and match with the regulations in different destinations.


Export and import company

You will find us online

West Noubaria - next to the company Nubasid - the main street - in front of the religious institute,

Tel : +201004348534 - +021094000315

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